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Weddings can be a large financial commitment and protecting yourself financially in the run up to the big day is worthwhile.

Planning your wedding should be fun, so why leave anything to chance? Wedding Insurance from E&L® offers excellent peace of mind and great benefits. With the average cost of a wedding now at £20,000*, it makes perfect sense to protect yourself financially just in case.

E&L Wedding Insurance provides cover up to 2 years in advance of the ceremony and packages start at just under £20 (one off payment). With eight different bands of cover to choose from, we have an option to suit all budgets. To find out more about what the different plans cover please use our wedding insurance comparison table which can be viewed in our Wedding policy information section. For more general queries about our product please take a look at our Wedding FAQs which answer's some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

E&L's comprehensive cheap wedding Insurance packages provide cover for many eventualities which may arise on or prior to your wedding day. Our wedding Insurance could cover you if:

  • You have any problems with a supplier
  • Damage is caused to the wedding attire
  • You have to cancel due to accident, illness or bereavement

Whether your wedding is a civil ceremony or church wedding, wedding Insurance could ease the financial stress of your big day should you need it!

Compare wedding insurance plans and receive the following great benefits:

  • UK and Overseas wedding insurance cover up to 2 years prior to ceremony date
  • A choice of plans with Cancellation and Expenses cover up to £50,000
  • Our wedding policies also cover civil partnerships
  • Cover for supplier deposits, wedding attire, photographs, presents, personal accident and public liability plus much more
  • No excess on most sections of cover
  • Cover available for members of the armed forces
  • 10 years of experience in wedding insurance

And that's not all; we know that your day is important so we have put together some helpful wedding tips and advice. This section covers a wide range of wedding-related topics including budgeting and finance, marrying abroad to arranging your hen and stag nights.

So why not take a look now at some of the best wedding insurance cover available, get a quote online and receive a 35% premium discount.

* You and Your Wedding Magazine research, June 2008.

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs or our Leisure and Lifestyle Insurance FAQs sections.

Does the cover for wedding presents include money and vouchers?

No, unfortunately vouchers and money are not covered.

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Does the insurance cover my honeymoon?

Unfortunately not, the honeymoon will be covered by your travel insurance.

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I have already put down a deposit, but not yet taken out insurance. Will it be covered?

Yes, but only up to £2,000. Any payment exceeding £2,000 paid towards or for your wedding venue or reception before the inception of cover will be excluded from cover.

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My partner is in the armed forces. What would happen if they were posted overseas?

As long as the posting overseas was unexpected and unavoidable, this would be covered under the wedding insurance policy.

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We are having a winter ceremony. What would happen if we got snowed in and could not make it to our wedding venue?

Cover would be provided if extreme weather prevents the wedding party* from reaching the wedding or reception venue or that damage the wedding or reception venue, preventing use.

*The wedding party includes the following people: bride, groom, both civil partner’s, their parents or guardians, grandparents, bride, groom’s or either civil partner’s children, bride, groom’s or either civil partner’s siblings, bride, groom’s or either civil partners attendants of the couple.

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What happens if any hired ceremony attire gets lost or damaged?

Damage to wedding attire whether bought or hired is covered under the policy.

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What happens if any of the suppliers go bankrupt?

We will contact Companies House and/or the Liquidators involved and we will then pay for any expenses you are not able to recover and additional costs in arranging equivalent services following the bankruptcy or liquidation of any supplier booked to supply any wedding service.

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What happens if my dress is lost, stolen or damaged before I get married?

Should the dress be lost, stolen or damaged whilst in your possession, we will cover the reinstatement or replacement of the wedding attire or dress hire charges necessarily incurred.

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What happens if my wedding presents are damaged at the reception?

We will pay for the loss or damage to the wedding presents during a period of 7 days prior to and 24 hours after the wedding. The cake is also covered up to the beginning of he reception.

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What happens if one of us gets 'cold feet' prior to the ceremony?

Unfortunately, this is not covered! However, we do provide cover for professional counselling as a result of the unavoidable and permanent cancellation of the wedding due to either the bride or bridegroom electing not to go ahead with the marriage.

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What happens if the venue is unable to hold the wedding or reception?

We will pay for any expenses you are not able to recover if you have to cancel the wedding or reception, or we will help with the cost of re-arrangement with another venue.

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What happens if the wedding is cancelled?

Unfortunately some weddings do have to be cancelled and this could be for numerous reasons. If you have to cancel, the reason behind the cancellation will be assessed, so it is always worthwhile keeping any receipts and/or contracts in a safe place. These will be used to help you with your claim.
Upon claiming, a claim form will need to be submitted to us and we will require certain documentation from you. This will vary dependant on the nature of the claim.
Payment made will be dependent on the band of cover chosen. We aim to make the claims process as easy as possible for you.

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What happens if the wedding or reception has to be cancelled or re-arranged because of illness, injury or death of someone involved in the wedding?

We will pay for cancellation or re-arrangement costs when a member of the wedding party is affected. Details of illnesses must be disclosed when taking out the policy. Please see the policy terms and conditions for more details on this section of cover.

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What happens if the wedding photographs do not develop?

If more than 75% of the photographs or video/DVD are not provided due to the original film/negatives/memory card/video tape/DVD being lost or accidentally damaged before copies are made or the film developed, or faulty materials cause the non-development of the original film or negatives then you are covered for the expenses incurred in the necessary retaking of the official wedding photographs or video/DVD. This extends to the non-appearance of the professional photographer or video/DVD operation booked for the wedding.

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What is the policy excess should we need to claim?

We only apply an Excess to the Public Liability claims and Marquee cover claims, the excess on these sections is £109.

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What would happen if we damaged the marquee?

If the Optional Extension premium has been paid we pay up to £50,000 for any accidental loss or damage to the marquee.

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When should we take out wedding insurance?

It is recommended that you take out Wedding Insurance as soon as you make any bookings or pay any deposits towards your wedding. Insurance can be taken out up to 2 years prior to the wedding or as little as 21 days before the big day.

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Who can take out the wedding insurance policy?

Wedding Insurance can be taken out by the bride, groom or parents/legal guardians of the bride and groom.

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