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Student Possessions Policy Information

  Monthly1 Yearly
Legal Liability for Personal Injury to Others

or legal liability for personal injury to others caused by your use of the insured items.

£1.5m £1.25m
Legal Liability in Respect of Landlord's Property

For loss of or damage to property caused by your use of insured items.

£5,000 £4,000
Fraudulent Use of Credit Card

In total for all cards.

£1,500 £1,250
College Property on Loan £500
Max £250 for books
Max £200 for books
Personal Accident

or your personal injury sustained by your use of the insured items.

£1,500 £1,200
Permanent Disablement Due to Theft or Fire £65,000 £60,000
Permanent Disablement Due to Mugging or Assault £65,000 £60,000
Permanent Disablement Due to Motor Vehicle or Public Transport Accident £20,000 £15,000
Other Cause of Permanent Disablement £20,000 £15,000
Missed Exams

Towards the additional costs or resitting due to an accident causing bodily injury.

Max sum insured value £2,500 £250 single item limit Max sum insured value £2,000 £250 single item limit
Reimbursement of Fees, Rent and College Expenses

Paid in advance and not recoverable for the period you are unable to attend college, in excess of seven days, due to accident.

£1,000 £750
Accidental Death of Parent

If a parent or guardian on whom you rely to help finance your course dies as a result of an accidental, external injury.

£7,000 £6,000
Telephones and Meters

For loss or damage.

£250 £200

Security Requirements

Please see our Student Security Requirements document.


The excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. It is £59 for all sections except Public Liability where it is £260. The excess is double for claims under all sections for area codes D and E and Worldwide.

1. Lunar monthly policy (more information)