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Hints & Tips

Finding a mooring for your canal and narrow boat may not prove as easy as you first thought, so make sure you start looking for a mooring early and get your name on a waiting list. At most marinas there is a waiting list for a position. Although mooring spaces are usually purchased on an annual basis, it is possible to buy a mooring off someone mid way through a lease.

There are two types of mooring. Firstly and most popular is to take a mooring within a specialist marina. The marinas have water, toilet, sewage and refuge disposal facilities. These usually cost around £90 per year, per metre and will be rented out for periods of 12 months at a time. Secondly, you can moor along the riverbank of the inland waterway. This is a cheaper option, however the mooring is likely not to have roadside access, security or as many facilities. It is possible for you to cruise within your canal around the waterways (not back and forth within the same stretch of waterway) and not have a permanent residence, however you are not able to stay within the same stretch of waterways for more than 14 nights, so you will be constantly on the move. This is known as 'continuous cruising'.

It is recommended that you lift the boat out of the waterway every 3 years. This allows a full inspection of the underside of the boat. This should be budgeted for as it can prove expensive. Undertaking this job may be a requirement from your insurer to prove that your boat is structurally sound.