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E&L® Sailing Dinghy Insurance offers cover for a host of different types of dinghies including Lasers. Cover extends to equipment in use, during transit or whilst moored in a designated area. E&L® offer comprehensive, low cost insurance for your sailing dinghy.

  • 100% Fire, Theft, Accidental Loss or Damage cover included as standard
  • 90 days European Use included
  • Up to £2.5 million Public Liability, up to £15,000 Personal Accident, and up to £2,500 Personal Belongings cover
  • Hire of Replacement Equipment, Salvage Charges, Pollution and Sighting Costs, Wreck Removal and Trailer and Trolley cover also included
  • 10% online discount

For the keen boating enthusiast, purchasing your sailing dinghy and its related accessories can be expensive, yet exciting. Each year we spend hundreds of pounds ensuring that our car, home and contents are insured. So why should your dinghy be any different?

Dinghy insurance cover does not just protect you against fire and theft, but also provides comprehensive cover against collision. It is common knowledge that dinghies capsize, winds are prevalent to change and collisions are not unknown. Whilst most accidents may only result in a few scratches to your paintwork, more severe damage is indeed possible and unless you could afford to lose the money you have invested in your dinghy, insurance is the only option.

With the cost of sailing dinghies rising to over £5000 the importance of boat insurance is apparent. Taking out sailing dinghy insurance with E&L® allows you to enjoy your boating activities, with the peace of mind that should an accident occur, both you and your vessel are covered.

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Sailing Dinghy Policy Information

  Monthly1 Yearly
Fire, Theft, Accidental Loss or Damage

In the event of fire, theft, accidental loss or damage we will pay up to the agreed value.

Max 100% of agreed value Max 100% of agreed value
European Use

Cover provided for up to 30 days per occasion, up to a maximum total in a year of 90 days while the insured dingh is being used on inland or coastal waters of the continent of Europe.

30 days per occasion
(max 90 days per year)
30 days per occasion
(max 90 days per year)
Public Liability

Your legal liability to a third party for the amount you become legally liable to pay as a result of your interest in the insured dingh.

£2.5m £2.25m
Hire of Replacement Equipment

Cover for the reasonable costs incurred to hire a craft similar to yours if it becomes unusable for more than 24 hours because of loss or damage covered under your policy and cannot be repaired or replaced before a planned holiday.

Up to 10 days
£50 limit per day
Up to 7 days
£50 limit per day
Personal Belongings

We cover you for the loss of or damage to personal belongings as defined in this policy belonging to you or your immediate family.

Max sum insured value £2,500
£250 single item limit
Max sum insured value £2,000
£250 single item limit
Personal Accident

Cover following accidental bodily injury resulting in a) death b) loss of total sight c) loss of two or more limbs d) deafness in both ears e) permanent total disablement following an accident. Benefits reduced to 25% for any persons aged over 75 or under 18 years of age.

£15,000 £12,500
Salvage Charges

We cover the reasonable costs incurred in minimising or averting loss or in saving the craft from a loss which would be covered under your policy.

Max 100% of agreed value Max 100% of agreed value
Wreck Removal

We cover you for the reasonable costs for the removal, destruction or raising of the craft wreck, including unsuccessful attempts, which become necessary as a result of a loss which would be covered under your policy.

Max 100% of agreed value Max 100% of agreed value
Trailers and Trolleys

We provide cover for your trailer or trolley against fire, theft following forcible entry, or accidental damage when specifically insured under this policy if normally used for transporting your craft, up to the cost price, market value or the sum insured amount (whichever is less).

100% sum insured or market value if less 100% sum insured or market value if less


The excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. A £85 excess is payable for each and every claim except for total or constructive total loss claims. If claims are made under more than one section of cover, an excess will apply to each section of cover under which a claim is made. Claims for damage to underwater gear occurring in tidal waters are subject to a double excess.

1. Lunar monthly policy (more information)

The following discounts are available on E&L® Sailing Dinghy Insurance:

  • 10% online discount

The total maximum discount per policy is 20%.

Introductory discounts provided only apply to new policies taken out online.

To be eligible for E&L® Sailing Dinghy Insurance the following conditions must be met:

  1. The policyholder is a UK resident aged over 18 years
  2. Craft must be under 30 years old
  3. Craft must be used for private/pleasure purposes
  4. Craft must be seaworthy
  5. Craft must not carry more than 12 people
  6. Covers motor or speed boats up to a maximum speed of 35 knots
  7. The policy application is subject to a flood risk assessment.
  8. You must meet our security requirements

Please see the Sailing Dinghy Insurance Policy Wording for full eligibility criteria.

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